Corned lamb, mizuna, spicy nuoc cham 10

Curried squid, purple potato, escarole 11

Brussle sprouts, rye berry, pickled date, buttermilk vinaigrette  10



Pork belly, kimchi, bean sprout 12

Smoked mackerel, celeriac, apple  12

Winter squash + kale, mole, pepita 10


DUMPLING please allow extra time

Short rib, pickled shallot, scallion 11

Shrimp & Chinese sausage, Asian mustard greens, XO 10

Mushroom & barley, chinese celery, miso 9


RICE w/egg yolk on short rib and tuna rice

Short rib, sambal daikon, mustard green 16

Albacore tuna, fennel kimchi, escarole 15

Smoked tofu, bbq broccoli, coconut carrot pickle 13



Lemongrass beef, yu choi, totamo 15

Dungeness crab, seaweed noodle, spicy red curry, crème fraiche 16


December Sweets: Holiday

The Nutcracker  7
Mixed Nut Tart, Brown Butter Ice Cream, Madras Curry Ganache

A Pine Forest in Winter  7
Spiced jelly roll,  Lime curd, Apple and Chinese Celery

Land of Sweets  7
Sugar Plum Pavlova, Poached Winter Fruit, Vanilla Whip


Winter 2014
Our menu items may contain allergens and raw ingredients.
We encourage family style dining.