Corned lamb, mizuna, spicy nuoc cham 11
Octopus, charred chayote, hijiki, yuzu 11
King oyster mushroom, black lentil, smoked peanut, banyuls vin 11

Pork belly, kimchi, bean sprout 12
Shrimp cake, spring nettle, garlic, preserved lemon 12
Taro, green curry, spring onion, apple chutney 11

Dumpling please allow extra time
Short rib, pickled shallot, scallion 11
Moo shu pork, wood ear mushroom, hoisin 10
Mushroom & barley, Thai basil, miso 10

Rice w/egg yolk*
Short rib, sambal daikon, mustard green 16
Albacore tuna, fennel kimchi, escarole 15
Thai eggplant escabeche, spicy peanut romesco, leek 14

Lemongrass beef, cilantro noodle, yu choy, crispy onion 15
Dungeness crab, seaweed noodle, spicy red curry, crème fraiche 16

House kimchi | Fennel, napa cabbage, or daikon 3
Rice 2

Grill Shack | Pork Available after 5pm
Hampshire hogs from Jones Family Farms, Lopez Island, WA

Good way to start, 3 cuts 20
Enough to go around, 5 cuts 32
Grill shack slaw | Charred Chinese broccoli, golden beet, black tahini 10

June Sweets | Summer Solstice
Summer is coming. It’s our favorite time of year, the sun is out, the Shack is in full force and the Fremont Solstice Parade is happening! If you have to miss the parade, the daring naked cyclists or any of the amazing floats. Don’t worry, you can welcome the sun all month long with us!

Here Comes The Sun 9
Lemongrass Mousse, Cassava Cake, Mango Gelee, Rhubarb Sauce, Mango Sorbet

Rebel In The Sun 9
Naked Devil’s Food, Malted Chocolate Mousse, Coffee Crunch, Malt Powder, Coffee Jelly, Geaux Naked Caramel

A Float In The Sun 9
Jasmine Milk Tapioca, Coconut Ice, Tropical Fruit Salad, Sala and Pandan Water Chestnuts


Summer 2015
Our menu items may contain allergens and raw ingredients. We encourage family style dining.